Business Letter with Excel application homework help

You have been asked by your boss (Gerry Jenkins, Director of Research) to type up a business letter from him to the vice-president of marketing (Marc Sangione), comparing actual sales to projected sales. (Please download the attached sales projections file containing the content of the letter and the sales data.)

Use one of the Microsoft Business letter templates to create your letter. (these have a generic letterhead that you may also customize for this project).

In addition, you have been asked to create a Excel table that summarizes the actual and projected sales, and create a clear and representative line chart based on the data contained in the table.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Select a New Business Letter template from the Word template choices.
  2. Create a business letter using the text in the Sales projections pdf file attached, and name the file Business_Sales_Letter_Firstname_Lastname (replace “Firstname” and “Lastname” with your first name and last name, respectively).
  3. All parts of the letter must be completed for full credit. (You may use your own address or create one in those areas)
  4. Create an Excel spreadsheet and type in the sales data:
    1. Enter your sales data in the spreadsheet.
    2. Be sure that your table clearly shows past sales, projected sales and current sales, including well formatted headings.
    3. Create a line chart that compares sales for each category (past sales, projected sales, and current sales) by quarter.
    4. Insert the table and the line chart created you created as indicated in the by your boss.
  5. Correct all spelling and grammar errors.
  6. Save the spreadsheet in your Week 7 folder. Name the file Business_Sales_Data_Firstname_Lastname. Be sure that your spreadsheet contains both the data and the line chart.
  7. Compress the Week 7 folder with these two documents {right click>send to>Compressed (zipped) folder}


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