Election day in Spokane Washington political science homework help

Imagine this scenario:

It is one week away from Election Day in Spokane, Washington. We have another open-seat Congressional race, and your candidate is running a great campaign. Your campaign’s strategy includes broadcast television, door knocking to targeted voters, a major direct mail program, and a powerful earned media plan. The only part of the campaign left to complete is the GOTV program. Your campaign has decided to put together an intense ground operation for Election Day, and you are a member of a team of prime recruiters.

You have just flown in, and your goal is to recruit 1,231 volunteers or paid workers who can work 21-25 hours over the last 4 days. You have been given a clipboard and have a short time to sign up as many Election Day workers as possible. To persuade volunteers to join the effort, you will develop the following:

  • A volunteer recruitment flyer that is noticeable and one that you can post in high-traffic areas, including college lunchrooms, unemployment offices, and coffee houses. Please specify the content of the flyer (i.e., What information must be on your flyer? What text and words will you use?). You may also wish to draw a design of your flyer using Word, but this is optional.
  • A script of 2 paragraphs.


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