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This assignment is my history final, but I have an overwhelming amount of work that I just do not have time to sit down and do it. The due date is not too far away and I am asking if you can complete it for a reasonable price. I would like to ask if the notes can be sent by this Thursday, 5/18, and the paper preferably before June. The paper should not consist of extremely intricate words and should not be a masterpiece for my teacher is down to earth and can catch onto things if not taken care of, just enough for an A. The grading rubric is below as well as the project description (and actual due dates) so I ask that you do your best. Thank you very much!

U.S. History Term Paper Assignment

A six to seven page (typed, double-spaced, one inch margins on all four sides, 12 point, using New Times Roman style font which does not include pictures, maps, charts, title page, works sited page, etc.) term paper on a controversial person of major significance in the history of the United States. You will complete and turn in two items: a notes manuscript and the final draft paper itself. Both are to be turned in electronically using Word or a PDF file.

Notes Manuscript This will contain all of the research material (and then some) that you will use to write your paper. To create it you need to consult a minimum of five different sources, two of which must be books (these books can come from the internet), and three of which from other sources. You must draw heavily from all your sources. You are required to use our school’s library database for at least two of your sources. Click on the link at the end of these directions. For each source, you will create a typed set of notes, starting with a proper bibliographic citation and containing every quote, paraphrase, fact, or interpretation that you think you might use in your final draft, along with a page reference. (An abbreviated example is viewed below.) A six-to-seven page paper will require about twelve to fourteen pages of notes. Research your topic thoroughly and prepare your notes manuscript carefully—it is the “raw material” needed to write the paper, and I will consult it as I read your final draft paper itself. Use your textbook as a guide, not a source. Do not use Wikipedia as a source but it can be used as a guide.

Due Date: 5-18

The Paper Itself Here you take your research material and craft it into an argument that answers the question you have been given. The paper should contain parenthetical citations and a “works cited” page (bibliography) prepared in accordance with MLA guidelines. (go to the Cite Your Sources link at the Milken library site. also consult This page is not part of the six to seven page requirement. There is information about how to do this on the school library website. More information is on the second page.

Due Date: 6-2

Notes Manuscript (Abbreviated Example)

Standage, Tom. The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth-Century’s On-Line Pioneers. New York: Walker and Co., 1998. (Notice the indentation and double spacing)

“The fame of the telegraph took a giant leap when it was used to announce the birth of Queen Victoria’s second son, Alfred Ernest at Windsor on August 6, 1844.” (49) police arrested a criminal suspect by using the telegraph to alert Baltimore forces that he would be arriving on a train from Washington D.C. (53) both Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie worked as telegraph messenger boys (64)
Crimean War first to be covered by telegraph, Bucharest line extended under the sea, meant ship departures/destinations could no longer be shared with newspapers, commanders unhappy that leaders second-guessed them, horrible conditions of the common soldiers could no longer be hidden and were reported by the press (154-58)

The in text citation in the final draft should be seen as (Standage 53) If there is no author to an article, the in text citation should be seen as ( “The Telegraph” ) and it should be listed in the works cited page as “The Telegraph Through History” Gale Net http:www.

The Assignment:
, Villain, or Victim?

Your assignment is to assess the person you have been given in light of all three of the categories above. Your paper must make clear why the person is regarded as controversial and praised by some (hero) while abhorred by others (villain). How is your subject a victim? In your paper’s conclusion you should offer your own assessment; villain, victim, or hero. Choose only one and back up your statements. Acquire a decent general understanding of the person’s acts and era before beginning your note-taking—your textbook (or any general U.S. history text) is a good place to start. Remember, your text (or any textbook used) is to be considered a guide, not a source. Also, do not use Wikipedia as a source, only a guide.
(Advise: color code in your notes manuscript the hero-villain-victim information using three different colors. That will make for easier reference)


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