Individual Project (60 points):

Prepare a short Word document (1-2 pages) that describes your impression about the importance of the security mechanisms reviewed (authentication, encryption, firewalls, etc.) and how they might be useful in the Group Project. Submit your paper to the Group Project area.

Reflect on your team skills and areas that you might want to refine for future group projects. Make a note to yourself as to how well you addressed the following items. These are your personal notes and need not be shared. This information should not be included as part of your individual paper. This is an important step in your team skills development.

  • Allocate time and resources effectively and coordinate efforts with all affected parties
  • Acknowledge team membership and role
  • Identify the roles of each team member
  • Encourage others to express their ideas and opinions
  • Show sensitivity to the thoughts and opinions of other team members
  • Respond appropriately to positive and negative feedback
  • Identify and draw upon team members’ strengths and weaknesses to achieve results
  • Learn from other team members
  • Establish productive relationships
  • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others
  • Use a group approach to identify problems and develop solutions based on group consensus


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