Submit 2 nd case review (Chapter 12 – ‘Partnering – The Accounting Software Installation Project’, pages 402-403)

Gray, Clifford; & Larson, Erik (2006). Project Management The Managerial Process. Third Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin ISBN 978-0-07-297863-6

Requirements for Homework Assignments and Projects:

1. All documents should be professionally presented, neat, and concise. All effort should be made to write well technically (spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, and proper grammar). References should be noted at the end of the paper. Please use the APA format for your work.

2. All papers MUST BE TYPED AND DOUBLE SPACED, using a 12-point ‘serif’ type of font, such as Times New Roman.

3. Points WILL be deducted from documents that do not conform to the above standard. If you are unclear about a particular requirement, please ask.

4. CASE REVIEWS: At a minimum, the case write-up should include, in this order:

a. Executive Summary of the case: Titled as such, one or two brief paragraphs detailing the case or scenario and your understanding of it, written from a ‘First Person Narrative Mode’ point of view. An additional Abstract is not required.

b. Question numbers: You do not need to write out the questions, but where applicable, you do need to number the answers. Some reviews may not have formally numbered questions; in this case, answers would reflect the topics embedded in the cases or scenarios.

c. Answers to the questions: All your answers should reflect your understanding of the case, the material in the chapter, additional research (if any), and your personal knowledge and life experience. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or other short answer is not considered an acceptable response. Adequate justification and/or explanation of your statements are required.

d. Content of the case: Most reviews should, at a minimum, be at least three (3) pages in length (excluding any cover page), and include sufficient explanations, diagramming, charts, etc. to present a thorough analysis of the issue(s) posed

these are the reviews i got in the previous case studies

  • Several formatting and/or grammatical errors
  • Minimize citations when assignments ask for content to be ‘in your own words’

  • A few formatting and/or grammatical errors. Please take note of the highlighted items for future submissions
  • Title the Executive Summary as requested, and strive for conciseness
  • It is not necessary to cite the textbook unless making a direct quote. The source material is already known


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