Reflection Paper Fascism political science homework help

This will be a different type of assignment. The paper must be at least three pages long, double spaced. Instead of reading anything I want you to watch the two videos and one article on fascism-one on Mussolini, one on neo-facsism and one on Hitler and answer the following questions about those videos:

1. List at least two statements or behaviors by the groups in each of the video. For example, a behavior could be having a type of flag or tattoos that show fascist thinking.

2. What conditions that led to fascism and/or neo-fascism did you find in the three videos? Only describe neo-fascism for that video, look at fascism for the other two.

3. Why did people find fascism attractive? Why do they still find it attractive or are drawn to it?

4. What are the dangers, if any, for the country with fascist or neo-fascist groups? Do they have any good things they do also?

5. Do you believe there are fascist groups in your country? Tell me the country and then explain why you do or do not believe there are such groups. If you use a source to check this out, please provide a URL for the source





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