The development resonates with your particular life experiences assignment help

Discussion Board Note – This post will be longer because I want everyone to understand how I’d like you to write your posts and classmate responses. This will be the typical format unless otherwise noted. Please read the entire post before starting your initial response.

*You need to include your initial response, and at least two replies to classmates, to receive ANY credit. This will always be the case unless otherwise specified.

Assignment in three sections

  1. Do Helen Sword’s opinions in the first three chapters about academic writing align with or contrast with your experiences in this area (minimum 150 words)? Explain. Feel free to take this discussion anywhere you’d like to go. (Obviously she has various opinions so choose specific examples from the text)
  2. I want you to think about your discipline in broad terms. Scanning the history and breath of your discipline, describe the most interesting (in your opinion) development in your discipline (min. 150 words). *Include at least one supporting source and an APA citation of that source at the bottom for #2..

Your choice can be something that has already been developed, something recently developed, or something still in the planning stages. In your description, try to develop a few criteria that make this development interesting to you. Please don’t spend too much time struggling to decide if you have two or three developments that interest you. Pick one and go with it. Perhaps

    1. The development resonates with your particular life experiences
    2. The development relates to a hobby/pastime that you are passionate about
    3. The development is simply mind blowing in terms of the improbable aligning factors that led to its birth
    4. The development affects many different aspects of life

Example for step 2 –

In the discipline of anthropology, and more specifically in the field of paleopathology, the developments in DNA testing of bone fragments are very exciting and may lead to many interesting insights into the people from thousands of years ago. This could be helpful for people in any field interested in learning more about our distant ancestors, but I just think it’s amazing that you can what kinds of illnesses were sweeping through geographical regions thousands of years ago by studying bone fragments.

For a while, researchers have been able to test bone fragments for DNA traces, but the findings were more general, such as the ethnic or regional origins of the person, or the person’s age and sex. With this new technology I think the possibilities are endless. Already through DNA testing of bone fragments, scientists have found many cases of tuberculosis in the pre-Hispanic peoples of Peru. We can also see things like famine and even the levels of oppression of women through this testing (Klaus, et al., 2010).

Klaus, H. D., Wilbur, A. K., Temple, D. H., Buikstra, J. E., Stone, A. C., Fernandez, M.,& … Tam, M. E. (2010). Tuberculosis on the north coast of Peru: skeletal and molecularpaleopathology of late pre-Hispanic and postcontact mycobacterial disease. Journal ofArchaeological Science, 37(10), 2587-2597. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2010.05.019

  1. In your replies to classmates (at least 100 words for each of your two replies), you may choose to reply to either part 1 or part 2. Remember, use your classmate’s name, introduce yourself, and maintain an informal but civil dialogue. In these forums you can by all means disagree with someone, but do not attack anyone, and absolutely do not attack a person’s character. Also remember to
    1. Ask questions that might take the conversation in a new interesting direction or could shed light on some interesting specific aspect of the topic
    2. Play off your classmates’ points to make one or more interesting insights of your own
    3. Not simply repeat what the person has said. If you haven’t added anything to the discussion through your response, you haven’t correctly completed the assignment


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